Company Profile

Pireus Port

MARF Shipping & Forwarding is based in Piraeus, Greece. The main business of the company is sea transportation of cargoes from all over the world. The company started as VIGAS LTD in 1986 and since then it has gradually transformed to one of the most powerful and healthy companies among Greek forwarders.
MARF is one of the leading international providers of integrated freight forwarding services. We specialize in “IN TRANSIT” cargoes to/from any transportation point via Piraeus and/or Thessaloniki, having a vast experience allover Balkans.

In the era of high speed, demanding decisions and economic crisis, we have managed to provide services with consistency and high level of professionalism. Furthermore, we have established trustful relationships with all our customers. We build on trust and enduring values to reach our goal of long-term partnerships for mutual benefit.

Guided by respect for our customers, choosing reliable solutions and providing quality services, MARF Shipping & Forwarding will become your cargo partner.